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In a time where authentic leadership has emerged as a corporate imperative or personal mantra, the time invested in reading or experiencing Tony's wisdom will yield significant returns personally, spiritually and professionally. He challenged my core beliefs and helped me draw the line and realign my life to my true values. His love, wisdom and energy will open up your heart, switch on your inner light and empower you to live a healthy, balanced and meaningful life. His integration of love, craft, sensitivity and clarity is incredible. His healing work is deeply enlivening and laser like in its focus and impact.

Having exhausted what I thought to be every avenue in personal development I went to him out of desperation to succeed in business and in my career as a whole. What came out of it was far beyond my wildest expectations. Tony is so much more than a business coach. He is an incredible spiritual life coach. He has taken me on the most remarkable journey in my life and as a result I have been able to destroy my limiting beliefs and start tuning into my intuition to discover where my true passion lies. It is because of the trusting and open space that Tony creates in our sessions that I have been able to create my amazing business.

I honestly do not know where I would be if I had not met Tony. One thing is for sure, I would not be where I am now. Having Tony as my personal coach is by far the best investment I have ever made. He has enabled me to create so much balance in my life and has increased my happiness, self belief and confidence exponentially.

He has taught me so much about the spiritual world. Tony is on the most amazing mission to create so much good in this world. I am privileged to have experienced his work. Thank you Tony! He is the person I go to whenever I need healing. Not only does he heal, he gets quickly to the psychological and spiritual cause of physical ailments. He makes the miraculous seem ordinary. I felt no influencing ego or personal agenda around what I should and shouldn't do. I got massive clarity, but it felt almost like I was speaking to a higher version of myself.

He would reflect back to me exactly what I needed to hear and at the perfect time for me to both understand and utilise it.

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This allowed me to own the changes and power within me, from a place of being asked and not being told. Now I live through my potential, making a massive impact on thousands of lives around me as a fellow coach and healer. Without meeting Tony I suspect another 20 years or more would pass by for me to reach this place. Those words resonate with me. Previously, I spent a lot of time in my head overthinking, whether it be as a scientist, worrying about money or wandering about past or future relationships.

I'd lost the joy of the present moment and my own self worth.

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I'd succumb to my inner fear of being alone. With Tony, he guided me to look within, to question my mind beliefs and open myself up to seeing my self worth. I'm still learning, but with his help I am working to a grander vision. I've created a buisness for future space tourists providing preflight body development training, started towards a PhD on spaceflight countermeasures and begun to realise how amazing the world is when you stop thinking and start living.

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Thank you my dear friend Tony. He is not only the most-loving human being, but also incredibly challenging, intense, sharp and to the point.

Are you ready to step into a journey to Discover, Acknowledge, and Maximise Your Human Potential?

You leave his coaching sessions feeling blessed, empowered, enormously motivated and blissfully happy. Toon meer Toon minder. Reviews Schrijf een review. Kies je bindwijze. Op voorraad. Voor besteld, morgen in huis Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. The Sevenfold Path of Peace , derived from the ancient Essene teachings, offers a strong foundation in essential lifestyle philosophies and practices in the art of conscious living.

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A consciousness based on the core vision of the unity of all life and a passionate commitment to the noblest aspirations of humankind this lifestyle model supports and empowers the individual in a balanced, happy life in accordance with the laws of Nature. The teaching appears in the Zend Avesta of Zoroaster, who translated it into a way of life that was followed for thousands of years.

It contains the fundamental concepts of Brahmanism, the Vedas and the Upanishads; and the Yoga systems of India sprang from the same source. Buddha later gave forth essentially the same basic ideas and his sacred Bodhi tree is correlated with the Essene Tree of Life. In Tibet, the teaching once more found expression in the Tibetan Wheel of Life.

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The Essenes lived on the shores of lakes and rivers, away from cities and towns, and practiced a communal way of life, sharing equally in everything. They were mainly agriculturists and arboriculturists, having a vast knowledge of crops, soil and climatic conditions which enabled them to grow a great variety of fruits and vegetables in comparatively desert areas and with a minimum of labour. They had no servants or slaves and were said to have been the first people to condemn slavery both in theory and practice.

There were no rich and no poor amongst them, both conditions being considered by them as deviations from the Law. They established their own economic system, based wholly on the Law, and showed that all man's food and material needs can be attained without a struggle, through knowledge of the Law. They were great scholars who studied man's relation to the universe. They considered that we had three roles: one of individual evolution; second, a function in regard to the planet on which we live; and the third, a divine purpose as a unit of the evolving and expanding universe.

All three of these acting bodies are related to each other and affect each other. Bodily health and well-being are consequently of the utmost importance both to the individual and to all other beings on Earth. The Essenes were taught how to adapt to the rhythms and cycles of nature and the changing fields of energy which surround each person. Through study and keen observation, they mastered the art of knowing how the elemental forces of wind, sun, rain, and nutrients in the soil affect different foods and how these foods will affect the individual - body, mind and emotions.

They did daily morning and evening practices using the Elements to purify their bodies such as cold water baths and exposing the skin each day to the rays of the sun.

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Much of what they learned was through experience by being in their organic herb and vegetable gardens and fruit orchards. The word Essene means healer or 'therapeutie', which they were well known for; they healed many people. They knew that disease is created when one deviates from the law of nature.

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By living in harmony with the Elemental forces and the cycles of nature, health and happiness return. Weekly, monthly and quarterly fasting and cleansing practices were used to regenerate and rejuvenate the body, and to develop the will to increase and move the energy to a higher spiritual level. They sent out healers and teachers from the brotherhoods, amongst whom were Elijah, John the Baptist, John the Beloved and the great Essene Master, Jesus.