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Illustrated Paperback Publication Year Books. Richard Evans Paperback Books. In his first novel, Drizzt is rejected by the majority of Icewindale, the northern region in which he has chosen to make his home. Despite having few friends, he makes it his mission to operate on the fringes of civilization, dispatching any threats to the nearby Ten Towns that he encounters.

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Although he is eventually respected after saving them from a massive Barbarian invasion, it is still, for the most part, thankless work that he performs out of a sense of duty to others. As cruel as they are beautiful, the Drow are infamous for their evil ways, and yet somehow Drizzt manages to avoid being corrupted by the depravity he encounters.

Eventually, he strikes out on his own, reaching the surface and setting the stage for The Crystal Shard. The Crystal Shard begins with the conflict between the barbarians of the tundra and the Ten Towns of Icewindale, who are perceived as invaders. Constantly patrolling the outskirts of the settlements, Drizzt catches wind of the impending attack, reporting this to one of his only true friends, Bruenor, the local Dwarven king.

With this information, the towns are able to eventually band together, and with the assistance of Drizzt and the Dwarves, they repel the barbarians, slaughtering many and crushing their strength. The Drow ranger does battle with the barbarian king, Heafstaag, only managing to wound him, and after Bruenor knocks a young barbarian standard barer, Wulfgar, unconscious, he decides to take him in rather than allowing him to be executed. The novel soon transitions to a separate conflict of far greater magnitude.

After being left to die in the icy wasteland, Akar Kessel, an apprentice mage, encounters the ancient magical artifact Crenshinibon. Suddenly possessing immense power, Kessel creates an enormous army of Orcs, Trolls and Goblins over the course of five years, erecting a massive tower, known as Cryshal Tirith, from which to spread his influence. He also allies with the previously defeated Barbarian tribe, and an incredibly powerful demon, Errtu, who he makes his general.

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However, his plot to dominate the area is foiled by Drizzt and his companions, as Wulfgar duels Heafstaag and takes control of the Barbarians, while Drizzt defeats and banishes the demon Errtu. Eventually, Drizzt and Kessel fight a battle on the top of a mountain.

Despite his power, Kessel dies after unleashing a spell that buries him under a massive avalanche, and Crenshinibon is buried, no longer able to access the sunlight that provides it with energy. The houses are sorted into a hierarchy, with each one constantly vying for power against the others, and at his birth, they ranked tenth.

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